250kw Melting Furnace CCM Slab Strip Casting Machine 300 kg/h Production
250kw Melting Furnace CCM Slab Strip Casting Machine 300 kg/h Production
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jingjie
Model Number: Strip Slab CCM
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slab caster


ccm machinery

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case or plastic film
Delivery Time: 20-30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 10sets per month
Product Material: Nickel Cupronickel
Product: Slab-Strip
Thickness: 16 Mm
Type: Horizontal
Coiler Winding Weight:: 4000-5000 Kg
Width: 200 Mm
Product Description


250kw Melting Furnace CCM Slab Strip Casting Machine 300 kg/h Production



1. casting materials: nickel cupronickel

2. casting specification: thickness: 16 mm×Width: 200 mm



1. casting speed:

Traction speed: 0-64 - mm/s (stepless adjustable)

The reflex speed: 0-64 - mm/s (stepless adjustable)

The strip best linear speed: 90-200 - mm/min

2. power equipment:

Medium frequency melting furnace: 250 kw

Holding furnace: 75 kw

Servo tractor: 3.5 Kw

3. synchronous cutting machine

The motor power: 3 Kw

Saw blade gauge: Ф 355

Feed rate: hydraulic stepless speed regulation

Sawing gauge: copper platoon, brass

Clamping side type: hydraulic

4. coiler winding weight: 4000-5000 kg

Inside diameter: 500-800 - mm Φ

Outer diameter: Φ 1600 mm

5. unit noise value: 85 db (a) or less

6. unit line high school: + 1000 mm

7. unit transmission direction: right transmission

production capacity

A single flow: 200-200 kg/h (16 mm) bandwidth: 200 mm, thickness:

The third chapter main process parameters and process description



Production: 200-300 kg/h

Temperature control range: 1300 ℃ or less

Holding furnace temperature control precision: + / - 3 ℃

Push and pull adjustment range: push: 0-64 - mm/s + / - 0.1 mm (no)

Rachel: 0-64 - mm/s + / - 0.1 mm (no)

Casting machine range: to regulate traction: 0-64 - mm/s + / - 0.1 mm (no)

Backstepping: 0-64 - mm/s + / - 0.1 mm (no)

Lead casting biggest linear velocity: 0-200 mm/min

Coiling the adjusting range is: roll diameter Φ 500 - Φ 800 mm

Φ roll diameter 1600 mm

The biggest coiling speed: 250 mm/min

Dancer range: 0.95 to 0.75

Winding tower degrees: 40 m or less

The unit power consumption: 380-420 KWH/t



    Nickel cupronickel strip horizontal continuous casting production process is as follows:

Electrolytic copper to medium frequency melting furnace, composition adjustment to the holding furnace - mold - time cooling, secondary cooling to the dummy machine, shearing machine, coiling machine

Choose raw materials as stipulated in the technology file (electrolytic copper), will join the medium frequency melting furnace smelting raw materials;

    To furnace smelting, add a certain thickness of coating agent, and regularly quantitative add raw materials, melting furnace cavity good molten copper water hydraulic dump into the holding furnace cavity, heat preservation of copper liquid temperature in the furnace, automatically control, the copper in the holding furnace casting temperature and keep the water in a certain level of scope, copper under the effect of liquid level, the water flow into the mold, by mold cooling crystallization into strip, copper billet continuous led by the dummy machine, to form the required shape of the slab. Slab at the exit is equipped with temperature measuring device equipped with a secondary cooling system, cooling water flow rate can be adjusted, water temperature, water pressure real-time monitoring, when the water temperature is higher than the set value, the water pressure is lower than the set value when casting machine stop drawing. Using these controls, mainly in order to guarantee the crystallization temperature, the stability of process parameters, to ensure product quality and safety.

    The strip is pulled out by tractors, tractor stop and reverse push time is adjustable, should according to different materials, different specifications, the surface quality of the situation, determine the best control parameters and adjust in time, led by PLC program control, implementation cycles, stop, backstepping.

    The strip after the dummy machine to send the strip to synchronous cutting machine.

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