Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace
Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jingjie
Certification: ISO/CE
Model Number: GVT
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upward casting machine


continuous casting plant

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 30-45 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 10sets per month
Product Material: Red Copper,Brass,Bronze
Product: Rod-wire,pipe
Product Diameters: Custom Made
Type: Upward
Length: Customized
Strand: Custom Made
Warranty: 12 Months
After Sale Service: Send Engineers To Oversea
Product Description


Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace

Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace 0Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace 1Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace 2Copper Rod 8mm Upward Continuous Casting Machine Frequency Cored Melting Holding Furnace 3

Equipent Process Introduction

A typical upcasting unit for copper tubes consists of a mains frequency cored melting-holding combined furnace with metal flowing under surface, a crystallizer, a cooling water distribution system, a servo control withdrawal system, an in-line synchronous saw, a saw for mold changing, a hydraulic system and an electric control system, etc.

A typical mains frequency furnace adopts a new combination structure of melting-casting with metal flowing under surface. The inductor adopts a vertical structure with silicon sheets imported. As the molten metal flows from the melting furnace to the holding furnace under the surface, the heat emission (that would be otherwise caused) is avoided so as to reduce the energy consumption. Meantime, the metal loss is also reduced. As the exposure of the molten metal to the air is substantially reduced, the product quality can be stabilized and enhanced. The parameters of the melting-holding furnace like voltage, amperage, effective power and compensation factor are indicated with signals. The metal temperature in the furnace is continuously measured and displayed. Also indicated are the temperatures and pressures for the water for cooling the inductor coils, wrapping sleeves and cables with necessary optic and acoustic alarms equipped

Single furnace, continuous casting machine, guild wheel frame, wire frame, double bar coiling machine, water cooling system, temperature measurement system and control system.

1, there is a core frequency induction furnace
(1) production of T2 copper rod (raw material electrolytic copper, bright wire)
(2) furnace body structure
(3) electric furnace power 45KW
(4) electric furnace voltage 380V
(5) the frequency of electric furnace 50HZ
(6) the melting rate of less than 150kg
(7) electric furnace capacity 500kg
2, continuous casting machine
(1) the number of cast rod 2
(2) cast rod diameter specification 8mm; head number 2
(3) drive AC servo drive
(4) servo motor power 1.3KW
(5) the tracking accuracy of the liquid level is + 2mm
3, double bar coiling machine
(1) automatic take-up rod
(2) to close the line into a circle around the weight of 300kg

1, density: 8.9kg/dm fand

1.The Seller shall provide the following documents and drawings within 15 days after the contract is signed and effective.
a.    Equipment layout plan
b.   The basic condition of equipment and civil engineering
c.    Water and electricity layout
d.    The operation platform.
2. The Seller shall provide the following documents and drawings when the equipment is delivered.
a.    Process document and operation specification of continuous casting machine
b.    The general equipment and consumables drawings.
c.    Detail table of equipment wearing parts
d.    The electrical principle diagram and system diagram.
e.    The installation of electrical cable material list.


1. The Seller shall be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the contract equipment and the delivery of the relevant provisions of the annex.
2, according to the contract requirements to submit the relevant technical documents.
3. Responsible for the installation, commissioning and training of contract equipment.
4, equipped with special tools for the use of the installation.
5, technical services: customer service guaranteed for one year, life-long maintenance (except coil, water jacket, melting ditch).
6, follow-up technical support: equipment upgrades and assist to build the furnace, etc..
7, service response time: the buyer informed within 48 hours.
8, responsible for equipment acceptance and timely handling of the relevant transfer procedures.

1, production workshop: span, length, height of crane lifting equipment installation, all shall comply with the requirements.
2, circulating cooling water.
3, power supply.
4, compressed air.
5, test for production of raw materials and auxiliary (charcoal, graphite flake etc.)
6, the seller is responsible for the provision of equipment in the installation process of staff and board.


  Device name Quantity Remark
1 Power frequency induction furnace with core(45KW) Two body furnace 1 set Furnace body, furnace body bracke
Sensor 1 set Iron core, coil, water jacket, channel 1
Furnace cover 1 set  
Oven building material 1 set

Quartz sand, insulating material, refractory brick

2 Furnace electric control Furnace electrical control 1 set One Electric cabinet ,one control cabinet
Furnace temperature detection 1 set Display cabinet with temperature
3 Temperature measurement system Water inlet diversion device 1 set Valve, pressure gauge, etc
Mould temperature detecting assembly 1 set  
Water temperature total 1 set  
4 Continuous casting machine Top lead continuous casting machine frame 1 set  
AC servo motor and speed reducer 1 set  
Guide wheel 2 set  
Ttraction drive system 1 set  
Mould hanging device 1 set  
Water cooling circulating device for mould 1 set  
5 Electric control cabinet Drive 1 set  
Man-machine interface 1 set  
PLC controller 1 set  
Lifting system 1 set  
Liquid level tracking system 1 set  

Mould assembly

Copper rod mould 2 set  
Quick connector 4 set  
Protection sleeve 10 set Ten Containing graphite mold
7 Double bar coiling machine Cable car 1 set  
Receiving tray 2 set  


    To be delivered within 75 days after the contract becomes effective.
    1. The main body of the equipment will have one year of free warranty, and special components shall be discussed separately;
    2. During the trial-production period (within 3 months after equipment commissioning is finished), our company will dispatch a professional technician for follow-up service;
Within the warranty period, if fault occurs due to quality problem, our company will dispatch personnel to the site to solve the problem within 72 hours after receiving the notice;
After the warranty period of the equipment is expired, our company will offer effective solutions within 24 hours after receiving the notice, and will dispatch personnel for maintenance work if the user fails to solve the problem, only charging the cost expenses.
For annual overhaul of equipment, our company will dispatch professional technician to join the users in formulating the turnaround plan, free of charge;
Within the warranty period, our company can dispatch professional technician to the site to check the operation condition of equipment and provide field service.
After the warranty period of equipment expires, one return visit can be made on invitation once per half a year.
    3. If our company has innovation and improvement points or constructive suggestions for similar equipments, we will inform the user in time.

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