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Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles

Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles
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Key Selling Points: Easy To Operate
Product: Strip
Thickness Range * Width Range: 10-20mm
Type: Horizontal
Range Of Coil's Internal Diameter: Width (330- 455)×thickness(0.01-16)
Max. Weight Of Coil: 5000kg
Warranty: 12 Months
After Sales Service: Send Engineers To Overseas
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jingjie
Certification: ISO/CE
Model Number: BSC
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packed in wooden case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 30 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 10sets per month
Product Description

Main components
1. Head mechanism,
2. Eight-hole distributor,
3. Tail mechanism,
4. Cooling system,
5. Pneumatic demoulding and ingot turning mechanism


Product Parameters

Technical specifications
Equipment model SL06- Q2B-S-B-8/20
Annual capacity 3000t
Structure of furnace Two-body combined furnace(one melting furnace and one holding furnace)
Strands of casting rod 6
Diameter of casting rod φ8mm~φ20mm
Upward speed 0~2600mm/min
Upward pitch 3~6mm adjustable
Traction frequency 0~800/min
Traction method Single servo motor traction
Working hours per year 7920h
Take up coil specification φ900×φ1550×800 (mm)
Take-up weight ≤3000kg
Rated voltage 380V, 50Hz
Installed capacity 325kVA
Speed of copper melted 400kg/h
Max power 180~200kW
Consumption for one ton copper rod 1) electricity:≤350kWh/t
  2) charcoal:≤15kg
Take up method Automatic coiling and traversing
Material feed Cathode plate feed by electrical cantilever
Driving method of the upward casting system It is driven by AC servo motors and through the precision planet gear reducer. The rigid joint shaft makes the traction roller driven by fits. The traction rollers are driven by in-phase gear belt without interruption.
The clamp method of upward casting copper rod Pressed by pneumatic cylinder
The control method of servo motor Controlled by touch screen
Furnace electrical operation Electric voltage regulator(with three-phase balance)


Product Description

Up Ward Continuous Casting Machine is a new technology to produce oxygen free copper rod, tube, and flat billet at a rewet length. lts production of oxygen free copper rod and profiles and featured with high conductivity and
low oxygen content. Compare with some traditional technology. This new method is lower in capital investment, easy to operate with, economic in producing. high qulity in
production, flexible in changing production size no pllution to eviroment.

Copper cathode (panel) →induction furnace(copper melt→reduction→molten copper holding)→casting
mechanism casts rod (copper crstalize and become solild)→Take-up→Sale productionor for further process.



Ⅰ..Major Technical Parameters of Equipment


1 Smelting furnace:
1.1 Total capacity of furnace 5.0T
1.2 Effective capacity of furnace 2.5T
1.3 Furnace voltage 380V
1.4 Furnace power 600KW
1.5 Melting rate 2t/h
1.6 Power factor after compensation: 0.95-1.0
1.7 Number of phases and connection mode of inductor:

Single-phase series-connection

1.8 Rated capacity of transformer:

900KVA water-cooled autotransformer (380V incoming-line, three-phase,

1.9 coil cooling mode: Water-cooling
1.10 Cooling water consumption: 5m3/h
1.11 Maximum temperature of furnace: 1500℃
2 Holding furnace section



2.1 Effective capacity of furnace: 4.0T
2.2 Effective casting capacity: Less than 85 dB
2.3 Rated voltage: 380V
2.4 Rated power : 250KW
2.5 Rated capacity of transformer:

400KVA water-cooled autotransformer

(380V incoming-line, three-phase,

no-load stepped voltage-regulating).

2.6 Power factor after compensation: 0.95-1.0
2.7 Temperature control precision: ±8℃
2.8 Maximum temperature of furnace: 1300℃
2.9 Coil cooling mode:


3 Mould  
3.1 width 330- 500mm
3.2 thickness 16-20mm.
3.3 Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, lined with copper bush (made of T2 copper)
4 Secondary cooling device  
4.1 Water consumption: 3m ³/h
4.2 Water pressure: 0.2-0.3Mpa
5 Withdrawal machine  
5.1 Maximum pushing and drawing force: 50KN
5.2 Speed: Speed:
5.3 Minimum stroke range:


5.4 Shortest standby time 0.01S
5.5 AC servo motor: Siemens motor (11KW)
5.6 Rated rotation speed of motor: 3000r/min
5.7 Static torque: △Tw= 60K Mo (at 60) 70N-M

Double-billet hydraulic upper shearing machine:


6.1 Shearing force: 600KN
6.2 shearing thickness: 20mm
6.3 Shearing width: 500mm
6.4 Shearing speed:

0- 5mm/s

6.5 Shearing stroke: 80mm
6.6 Maximum follow-up stroke of shearing machine: 200mm
7 Coiler machine unit  
7.1 Power: 5.5KW
7.2 Rotational speed: 1420r/min
7.3 Coiler displacement stroke: 800mm
8 Hydraulic station  

Motor power of hydraulic station for smelting furnace and holding furnace:


2× 7.5KW
8.2 Motor power of hydraulic station for withdrawal machine: 2× 7.5KW
8.3 Motor power of hydraulic pump for upper shearing machine:

2× 11KW


8.4 Motor power of hydraulic pump for coiler: 2× 7.5KW


Burdening (Returns should be baled) → Smelting furnace → Chemical analysis → Heating up the sealed launder → Crystallizer → Primary cooling → Secondary cooling → Withdrawal machine → Shearing machine →Coiler

Select the raw materials according to process document, determine the feeding procedure according to melting points of metallic elements, furnace burden proportions, and difficulty of oxidation burning losses, and charge the raw material into the smelting furnace; When smelting, add certain thickness of covering agent into the furnace, which shall be supplemented in-time; When the molten copper inside the furnace reaches tapping temperature, lab-test the composition of molten copper inside the furnace; Before tapping, completely clean out the clinkers in molten copper; After the tapping of each furnace, keep around 800 kg molten copper inside the furnace, as the starting block. Transfer the molten copper (molten and well-adjusted in the melting chamber) through the sealed launder into the holding furnace, control the temperature of molten copper, keep the molten copper inside the holding furnace at the casting temperature and at certain level range. Under the action of level, the molten copper flows into the crystallizer, and get crystallized into plate-type copper billet through primary cooling by crystallizer. Under the continuous drawing by withdrawal machine, the plate billet of required shape is formed. Secondary cooling system is installed at plate billet outlet, and the flow rate of cooling water is adjustable. The main purpose for adopting these control measures is to ensure crystallization temperature as well as stabilization of process parameters, so as to ensure product quality. The withdrawal of strip billet is realized by means of the dragger, and the time of drawing, stop and reverse pushing by the dragger is continuously adjustable. The optimal control parameter should be determined and timely adjusted according to different materials, different specifications and surface quality conditions. The drawing is controlled by PLC program, realizing cyclical actions of drawing, stop, and reverse pushing.

Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles 0Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles 1Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles 2


1. Types of casting specifications
* Production variety:copper base alloy(Cu-Ni) strip 
2. Specification of finished-product coil

  2.1 Number of billets: 1 strips

  2.2 Billet width: 380mm-500mm

  2.3 Billet thickness: 60mm

  2.4 Inside diameter of coil: minimum Φ 600- 800mm

  2.5 Outside diameter of coil: maximum Φ1800mm

  2.6  Maximum weight of coil: max: 6000kg


3. Guarantee value of billet thickness difference

  3.1 Transverse thickness difference of billet: <0.75mm—0.3 (After mould modification)

  3.2 Longitudinal thickness difference of billet: <0.3mm (After mould modification)

  3.3 Average energy consumption for smelting by smelting furnace: 250-380kwh/t

  3.4 Average energy consumption for temperature preservation by holding furnace: 50-80kwh/t

  3.5 Maximum pushing and drawing force: 50KN

  3.6 Pushing and drawing speed range: 1.5-70mm/ sec

  3.7 Average maximum casting speed: 300mm/ min

  3.8 Maximum shearing force of hydraulic shear: 600KN

  3.9 Coiling speed of coiler: 750mm/min



Ⅳ.  Equipment parts list


No. Equipment Name Unit QTY
1 Line frequency induction smelting furnace (including melting groove and lining building material) set 1
2 Iron core, water jacket and coil of smelting furnace set 1
3 Tundish set 1
4 Line frequency induction holding furnace (including melting groove and lining building material) set 1
5 Iron core, water jacket and coil of holding furnace set 1
6 mould for lining building set 1
7 crystallizer set 2
8 graphite mould set 1
9 Sealing steel mould of crystallizer set 1
10 Dummy bar (made of stainless steel) set 1
11 Dummy plate set 1
12 Cooling water distribution device for crystallizer set 1
13 Secondary cooling device set 1
14 Withdrawal machine set 1
15 Hydraulic follow-up shearing machine set 1
16 Coreless coiler set 2
17 Water-cooled cable for smelting furnace set 1
18 Hydraulic system Complete set 1
19 Electrical control system Complete set 1
20 Regulating transformer (no-load, stepped) for smelting furnace set 1
21 Regulating transformer (no-load, stepped) for holding furnace set 1
22 Gas protection device set 1
23 Surface temperature thermometer set 1
24 Special tools for machine unit    


Packaging & Shipping

Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles 3

Economic and Copper Continuous Casting Machine for Oxygen Free Copper Rod and Profiles 4


1. who are we?
We are based in Jiangsu, China, start from 1998.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3. what can you buy from us?
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4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are provided comprehensive services including engineering consultation,engineering and equipment design,material and equipment supply,EPC project general contracting,process management services and training.

5. what services can we provide?
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